Catalogue of Examples

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Catalogue of Examples

Post by detuned » Thu 03 Jan, 2019 5:50 pm

This thread is a work in progress, but aims to provide a catalogue for each of the examples in this forum grouped very roughly into themes. This should hopefully be a bit more convenient for people wishing to navigate the forum.

(Lack of) (Clear) Regional Constraints
- Disjoint Regions Sudoku
- Free Block Sudoku
- Greek-Latin Squares (Eulero)
- Irregular Sudoku
- Zilina Sudoku

Repeated Numbers/Symbols:
- 1234 Sudoku
- Duo Sudoku
- Halloween Sudoku
- Star Battle Sudoku
- Subset Sudoku
- Sudoku Island

Variations on Numbers/Symbols appearing Exactly Once
- Blackout Sudoku
- Missing Digit Sudoku
- Serbian Irregular Sudoku
- Surplus Sudoku, Deficit Sudoku

Different Grid/Cell Geometries
- 3D Sudoku
- Halved Squares Sudoku
- Star Sudoku
- Ten Box, Staircase Sudoku

Puzzle-Sudoku Hybrids
- Battleships Sudoku (battleships, with a sum constraint)
- Crossnumber Sudoku (a crossnumber)
- Logidoku (numbers placed via a list of logical statements)
- Searchdoku (a wordsearch)
- Snake Sudoku (placing a snake)
- Snail Sudoku
- Sukaku (Shikaku)
- Within Box Skyscrapers Sudoku

Solving Elements not directly related to Number/Symbol Placement
- Dynasty Sudoku (shading cells and maintaining a connected unshaded region)
- Eightdirections Sudoku / Seek and Spell Sudoku / Shape Sudoku (placing words or other shapes)
- Figure Sum Sudoku (placing a set of figures into the grid)
- Odd Tapa Sudoku (connectivity constraint on placed odd numbers)
- Psycho Killer (constructing outlined 4th constraints)
- Sick Kropki Sudoku (Set of numbers to be placed is to be determined by the solver)
- Tetris Sudoku / Triomino Sudoku (shading cells in connected groups, determining the location of Extra Space)
- Top Heavy Sudoku (leaving blank cells)
- Jigsaw Sudoku / Transparent Sudoku (constructing a valid sudoku and then solving)
- Burodoku / Tripod Sudoku (constructing the outlined 3rd regional constraint)
- Wrong Puzzles? (Verifying whether filled grids are valid solutions or not)

Examples from Puzzle (not Sudoku) Competitions
- Arrow Latin Square
- Character Battle

- A or B (determining the rules from two options)
- Anti-Knight-and-Queen Sudoku
- Irregular Sudoku Bands (placing solver-modified bands rather than numbers)
- Non-Consecutive Sudoku
- One Digit Unique Solution (uniqueness as a meta solving element)
- Ring Sudoku
- Sudoku Blocks (involves creating a valid sudoku and then solving it)
- Sudoku Pieces
- Very Hard Classics
- Zigzag Sudoku (puzzle has 2 solutions, both of which have to be found)

Posts: 2070
Joined: Mon 21 Jun, 2010 2:25 pm
Location: London, UK

Re: Catalogue of Examples

Post by detuned » Sat 05 Jan, 2019 4:47 pm

I've unlocked this post as I continue to edit and rearrange this - however categorising each of the examples is not an exact science and if anyone has another opinion about how to classify these examples then I'd be very happy to hear.

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