UK Puzzle League 2021-2022

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UK Puzzle League 2021-2022

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Hi everyone

The upcoming season of the UK Puzzle League is due to start in October (for Division D, later for other Divisions). I'm going to assume that puzzlers from last year would like to continue. If others would like to join, as ever, please email - I am particularly keen to see new puzzlers keen to try some of the beginner sets in Division D.

More detailed schedules will be released in September, but expect the overall structure to be similar to 2021-2022, except that Division B will be the same structure as Division C this year. If any international competitors would like to take part, please let me know. If you have been moved down a Division but would rather stay in the higher Division, please let me know.

Before newcomers sign up, the leagues stand as follows:

Division A: Freddie Hand, Neil Zussman, Adam Bissett, Tom Collyer, Matthew White, David McNeill, Sam Cappleman-Lynes
Division B: Michael Collins, Emma McCaughan, AJ Moore, Eva Myers, Maurice Blount
Division C: Roderick Grafton, Jeffery Dick, Liane Robinson, Thomas Powell, Laura Baxter, Adam Sandhu
Division D: Keith Lothian, Paul Smith, David Collison, Niraj Alok, Erin Hamalainen

Instructions and examples for Round 1 of Division D, as well as the full schedule for the year, will be released in early September.
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Re: UK Puzzle League 2021-2022

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Looking forward to it!
david mcneill
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Re: UK Puzzle League 2021-2022

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I thought I would be relegated and have to live off the parachute payment. However, happy to accept the higher revenues in Division A for at least one more season.
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