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Seeking help !!

Posted: Sat 07 Aug, 2021 9:37 am
by Stevieb789
Hi, I registered yesterday to see if I can be guided to solve the next move on a sudoku puzzle I started 7 years ago. Since then, 4 times in total including now August 2021, I've restarted afresh and each time got to the same dead-end. It was a hard or evil, can't remember now but this is the only one that has stumped me and as I cannot let go it's sending me nuts.

I live in Norwich Norfolk UK and am happy to send where I've got to. The main point is, I don't want it completed, I just wish to have the strategy applied for the next move explained to me. Normally swordfish does it and I've also tried forcing chain. I'm missing something, probably very obvious in which case, my sincere apologies !

Any help would be immensely appreciated. I'd give my first born altho he's now 40 and expensive ;)

kind regards

Re: Seeking help !!

Posted: Mon 09 Aug, 2021 2:44 pm
by eratosthenes
If I were you I'd either

1) Go ahead and just post the puzzle
2) Go join some 'live' community like the Cracking the Cryptic Discord server (I'm unsure if I can post a link) and post it in one of the active channels there.
3) Enter the puzzle in a solver with a "step" function and see what the next step is (like f-puzzles)
3a) Have someone else put the puzzle in a solver for you, find out what the next step is, and report back a more obfuscated version of what they found.

Happy to do any of the above for you :)

Re: Seeking help !!

Posted: Fri 13 Aug, 2021 9:16 am
by Stevieb789
Thank you for the heads up. I'll have a look at the options you've kindly given me. Cheers Steve

Re: Seeking help !!

Posted: Fri 13 Aug, 2021 10:13 am
by Stevieb789
I've done one of your suggestions, gone to a solver site (didn't know they existed). It appears I've wasted my time over the past 7 years. The solver told me the puzzle was invalid and there were 34 solutions but it could not be solved logically !!!!!!!!

My heartfelt thanks for pointing me in the right direction and saving me a lifetime of anguish. I'm not a great sudoku puzzler but it gets under your skin.

Thanks again