Puzzled by Titles

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Puzzled by Titles

Post by nbeluhov » Sat 07 Dec, 2013 9:27 am

Puzzled by Titles:

A puzzle blog that I started a few weeks ago.

The long series of posts in October more or less covers the more interesting puzzles that I made as a school student. The majority of them do pass the culture-fair language-neutral test, but, to be honest, lean heavily towards mathematics.

I started playing around with puzzles again a short time before I set up the blog. (That was why I set it up, of course.) The newer puzzles are almost exclusively WPC-style ones. I'm very keen on puzzles-within-puzzles, odd variations, and the like, and I've been trying my hand at a few ideas of this sort. I hope you'll enjoy the resulting puzzles :)

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Re: Puzzled by Titles

Post by PuzzleScot » Sat 07 Dec, 2013 1:27 pm

Great stuff! Nice to have new input to the puzzling arena. Welcome :)

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