French prequalifications for WSC 2011

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French prequalifications for WSC 2011

Post by Ours brun » Sat 16 Apr, 2011 9:52 am


Yannick Meyapin is organizing a prequalification tournament within sight of french qualifications for WSC 2011. It will last on 23 and 24 avril on and is open to everybody.

13 puzzles (authors Yannick Meyapin and Bastien Vial-Jaime) to solve within 120 minutes, including 3 classical sudokus and 10 variants.

The instruction booklet is available.

Unfortunately it happens the same weekend as indian online qualifications. And as this one is part of the selection of UK players, I, of course, encourage you to participate primarily in LMI's test. But once you have done it, if you are not yet bored with sudokus... come have a try at ours !

The IB is available in english and I will try to translate as well the tournament file. Only thing which will definitely not be translated is the name of puzzles on the answer form (for reasons of readability) but their respective value will be visible, so it should not be a real problem.

As always, feel free to ask any question here or on --> sudoku variants and other handcrafted logic puzzles.

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