UK TV Contestant calls.

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UK TV Contestant calls.

Post by PuzzleScot » Mon 18 Nov, 2013 11:24 am

I am on the distribution list for tv producers looking for 'intelligent' show participants. Seems I should start a single thread listing these...

1. Amazing Greys (ITV) Contact:
"We are trying to find senior citizens who are an expert in a specific field or hold a current world champion title. I wanted to contact you and see if you knew of anyone who firstly may be interested in appearing on a television show and secondly if you know anyone in the puzzling world who holds any titles or might be a quizzing genius!
The idea would be that the 'Amazing Grey', say for instance who held a world champion title in sudoku, would go up against a contestant in studio in a game/challenge to do with puzzles/mind games etc."
Later clarification after brief discussion - "Males over 65, or Females over 60. 'Impressive Credentials' is sufficient"

2. Child Genius (C4) Contact: see attached poster
"The series explores what it is like to be a gifted child in Britain today. It is part documentary and part competition. The documentary examines various approaches to education and parenting while the competition element is run by MENSA and gives the children an opportunity to showcase their unique abilities. Last year, 11 year old winner, Shrinidi, described it as ‘the best experience of my life’.
Currently, we are reaching out to families to take part in the next series. We are looking for bright 5 – 12 year olds who would enjoy meeting kindred spirits and exploring their own talents."
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