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Puzzle Portal

Posted: Thu 02 Dec, 2010 2:22 am
by Calavera
I think it's about time that someone introduces the Puzzle Portal of the German logic masters to you.

The puzzle portal offers the possibility to publish new puzzle ideas to a bigger audience and to solve all the new puzzles other users designed. Usually the latter is the entry point for most users. Right now there are 959 puzzles in the portal, many of them completely new ideas or variations. Apart from nearly all German WPC-participants and some other more or less well-known German authors also some international users publish their new ideas in the portal (like Richard from the Netherlands with a weekly Sudoku variant).

The puzzles can be browsed freely but as far as I know you have to be registered (no strings attached - but you can receive informations about puzzles you observe, etc - same account that is used for our contests btw) to check your solution and enter the statistics.

Unfortunately nearly all the navigation is in German but many of the puzzles already have English instructions. If they don't you can request them in the comments and usually someone'll help you. As we also have a top solver who is from South America and neither speaks German nor English it seems to be possible non the less somehow (although I've honestly no idea how he solved some of the puzzles :D).

A small overview for you to find a puzzle that fits your interests:

- The stars represent the difficulty of the puzzle, rated by the solvers. Blue stars stand for a puzzle recently added without enough user data for a rating.
- The percentage shown is the goodliness(?) of the puzzle also rated by the solvers.
- The three link columns at the top of the page stand for predefined searches. To the left puzzle types (Rundweg = loop, Meta-R├Ątsel = often puzzles where instructions have to be guessed), in the middle puzzles of a certain difficulty which are rated good or better and below nice puzzles which were solve often. To the right three authors.
- The three small lists are puzzles you haven't solved yet. At the top the easiest ones, in the middle the nicest ones and at the bottom the newest ones. "Komplette Liste zeigen" below each list leads to the complete list.
- At the bottom of the page new comments and the latest solutions are shown.
- The adventurous ones can try the link "Erweiterte Suche" at the top right to enter a search mask with a lot of input fields :D.
- A last query if you want to write comments: Please give no hints to the solution path. When writing the comment it is possible to limit its visibility to "solvers and author only" (it's the longer entry in the drop down :D). This can be used to ask questions without spoiling others.

I hope you'll enjoy the portal as much as I do and maybe also have a look or two at my creations (mainly variants of loops),


Re: Puzzle Portal

Posted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010 5:57 pm
by detuned
Is the idea here for mainly new ideas and variations on classic puzzles? Or is it for any sort of puzzles?

Anyway I'll try and keep on top of this, and perhaps add a few of my own things onto the portal. Thanks for sharing the link!

Re: Puzzle Portal

Posted: Sat 04 Dec, 2010 6:15 pm
by Calavera
It's more or less free for anything. I'd say variations and combinations of existing puzzles clearly dominate but there are also puzzles with tips for beginners, puzzles where you have to guess the rules because of hints in the title, and sometimes also standard puzzles.
In the end there is no real limitation except that one shouldn't spam and should have legal ownership of the puzzles. uvo also published puzzles comparable with harder versions of some of the Screen Test puzzles.

Maybe just give it a try and see how the feedback of the solvers is. If you've questions about how to submit puzzles you can obviously ask me.

Re: Puzzle Portal

Posted: Tue 19 Apr, 2011 11:29 am
by berni
The user interface of the puzzle portal has now been translated almost completely into english by Jens (user transkrautor here, I guess). Thank your very much, Jens!

Re: Puzzle Portal

Posted: Tue 19 Apr, 2011 12:58 pm
by transkrautor
Yes, it was me - so if you notice poor English anywhere in the Puzzle Portal please help me improve. I hope it is good enough for you to start solving some puzzles...

The upload section has not been translated so far, and I also did not do English screenshots for the help section yet, but solving puzzles from the portal should work in English - assuming that the puzzle author did provide an English version, of course...

Enjoy the puzzles in the portal, and feel free to contribute your creations - standard puzzles, variants, or something completely different. :)