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Jigsaw sudoku [WSC 2013]

Posted: Sun 17 Feb, 2019 12:34 pm
by Fred76
24a - jigsaw sudoku.png
24a - jigsaw sudoku.png (71.44 KiB) Viewed 4623 times
24b - jigsaw sudoku.png
24b - jigsaw sudoku.png (73.88 KiB) Viewed 4623 times
Source: 2013 WSC, Beijing

There are lot of questions merging from this example. It is one of these round I would qualify as "special" that we have seen in some previous wsc.

1. The question about the envelopes: I'm not sure this kind of experience was a success amongst participants. As a player, you have to estimate your own level and select the version of the puzzle you think you're able to solve in the allocated time. But as you don't have any clue to know the difficulty of the puzzle(s), how can you estimate which one you would be able to solve? It seems like an unwelcome toss to my eyes.
2. The question about manipulative pieces to be re-ordered so that the puzzle to be solved is reconstructed.

There is another question concerning the competition puzzle itself: I'm not sure the 100 points puzzle was solvable with logic, I remember a few players having solved it speaking about having just "intuition" or being "lucky". There was a much better example (in my opinion) of this kind of puzzle on Bram de Laat blog: ... udoku.html. However, as this particular question is more a question of puzzle being inappropriate than puzzle not being sudoku, I don't expect a long discussion on this point.