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Patreon Page

Posted: Mon 30 Mar, 2020 12:49 pm
by ashaash11ash
Hi friends,
I have Started a Patreon page for Sudoku. All are handcrafted and logically solvable. Please have a look at the rewards for the coming month.

1. 25 Classic Sudoku.
2. 20 Variants ( 4 of each Type in Consecutive, Diagonal,
Extra Region, Irregular and Thermo sudoku ).
3. 10 Just 1 cell Sudokus.
4. A team round consisting of 6 Sudokus in a form of a cube
such that all the adjacent sides ( Rows and columns ) of
different Sudoku will have same digits.
5. Some practice Sudoku for any upcoming competition.
Subscribers can ask for any variant to be created .

All these will be sent to Subscribers in the month of April 2020. if you would like to subscribe, then click on the link Below.